26 of us made the long trip to Postenplain for the Compass Sport Trophy qualifying round, for our attempt to get to the final for the 2nd year in a row.

We were up against 7 other small clubs - HOC, WCH, WRE, COBOC, LEI, NOC, and SWOC. There were more than usual due to the East Midlands clubs choosing to attend because their qualifier was even further away in East Anglia! Also, South Wales club (SWOC) decided on Postenplain.

Because of this, the 8 club rule came in, which meant the top 2 small clubs qualified for the final.

The conditions weren't great, heavy rain, wind, lots of mud and very slippery out in the forest.

As we finished our runs and looked at the results, initially we were in 2nd place and thought we might hang on and qualify. But as the later starters results came in, we were pushed down to 4th place behind HOC, WRE and NOC.

It was a great team effort to come a creditable 4th out of 8 small clubs, beating LEI and WCH who are bigger clubs than us. HOC & WRE qualified for the final in Scotland.

Well done to all our runners who made the long trip in the damp conditions.

Everybody contributed to our total points even if they weren't in our 13 top points scorers, as they helped to push other club's runners down.

Martin, Club Captain


POTOC scorers -

100 Eden Pigott Women 14-

100 Elizabeth Bales W45+

99 Ianka Evans Women Open

98 Martin Pigott Men Open

96 Daniel Pigott Men 14-

96 Darcy Dunn Women 14-

96 Graham Pigott M45+

96 Rich Pigott Men Open

94 Jonathan Whilock M50+

94 David Dunn M45+

91 Mike Derbyshire M60+

88 Henry Morgan M50+

86 Paula Furnival W45+


Trophy Positions -

HOC 1269

WRE 1244

NOC 1241

POTOC 1234

LEI 1223

WCH 1216

SWOC 1061


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